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Following his initial training as an osteopath, Paul Vaucher has been working in research in general and community medicine since 2001. In 2006, he obtained a postgraduate master degree in clinical trials at the LSHTM before obtaining is PhD in neuroscience from the faculty of science of the university of Geneva. Since 2015, he is professor at the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland. His fields of interests are musculoskeletal care, complex interventions, behavioral changes, and aging.


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Methodology :
Design Qualitative, Systematic review, Clinical trials (complex interventions), Clinical predictive rules, Cohort, Case-Control
Statistical analysis :
Regression, Survival, Cluster, Factorial, Structural equation modelling, Neural network, Rasch


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Vaucher, P., Michiels, W., Joris Lambert, S., Favre, N., Perez, B., Baertschi, A., Favrat, B., & Gache, P. (2016). Benefits of short educational programmes in preventing drink-driving recidivism: A ten-year follow-up randomised controlled trial. International Journal of Drug Policy, 32, 70-76. doi: 10.1016/j.drugpo.2016.03.006


Fasel JH, Uldin T, Vaucher P, Beinemann J, Stimec B, Schaller K. Evaluating Preoperative Models: A Methodologic Contribution. World Neurosurg. 2016; In Press


Waldvogel S, Rochat B, Peduzzi D, Vaucher P, Tissot JD, Favrat B. Effects of oral supplementation of iron on hepcidin blood concentrations among non-anaemic female blood donors: a randomized controlled trial. Vox Sang. 2016;110(2):166-171. doi: 10.1111/vox.12348. PMID: 26394360.


Vaucher P, Favrat B. Tackling Societal Challenges Related to Ageing and Transport Transition: An Introduction to Philosophical Principles of Causation Adapted to the Biopsy- chosocial Model. Geriatrics. 2016;1(1):3. doi:10.3390/geriatrics1010003


Vaucher P, Di Biase C, Lobsiger L, Margot Cattin I, Favrat B, Patomella A-H. Reliability of P-Drive in occupational therapy following a short training; a promising instrument measuring seniors’ on-road driving competencies. Brit J Occ Ther 2015; 78: 131-139, doi:10.1177/0308022614562580
Vaucher P. A systematic review suggests inflammation could favour spontaneous lumbar disc herniation regression especially for more severe stages of herniation. Int J Ost Med. 2015;18(4):312-313.  doi:10.1016/j.ijosm.2015.10.002


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