Ciranna-Raab Cristian, MSc, BSc, DO, DPO

Associate Professor UAS
Unité de Recherche en Mobilité & santé de l’appareil locomoteur (URM) / Forschungseinheit Mobilität und Gesundheit des Bewegungsapparates / Research unit Mobility & Musculoskeletal Care
+ 41 26 429 60 68

Parcours / Lebenslauf / Professional experience

Cristian graduated from the University of Wales (European School of Osteopathy, UK) and from the Dresden International University in Germany.

He has directed the German School of Osteopathy in Hamburg (OSD) between 2006 and 2018, contributing to the development of the first university degree in osteopathy in Germany and bringing osteopathy educational courses in countries like Greece and Poland.

Cristian was also a member of the board of directors of OsEAN (Osteopathic European Academic Network) and the BAO (Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft für Osteopathie), two academic institutions that are highly involved in rising educational standards across Europe for osteopathic degrees/courses.

He is a clinical examiner and international lecturer for different institutions, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Over the years, Cristian has published and co-authored different books and articles in the osteopathic field and since 2021 he has joined the URM Team of the HEdS-FR lecturing research methods and developing research projects for the students and supporting the research development of the osteopathic profession.

He also runs a practice in Ticino, where he focusses his clinical professional life on the osteopathic management of obstetrical and pediatric patients and has a particular interest in Evolutionary Medicine, History of Medicine, Clinical Research, Pediatrics and Women’s Health.

Editor and author

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Conference Presentations

2016 Conference of the Italian Register of Osteopathy (ROI) – Speaker presenting: “The rule of the artery: modern insights from microcirculatory patterns”

2015 Osteopathie Schule Deutschland -Speaker at the conference: Osteopathy in Gynaecological field – History of Osteopathic Gynaecological approaches, May

2013 University of Milan -Speaker at the conference: Treatment of cranial deformations, from polispecialistic approaches and osteopathy – 25th of May.

2011 and 2012 International Symposium on Gynaecology and Obstetrics „Kobieta i Natura“– Wroclaw, Poland – Osteopathic approaches to obstetrical and gynaecological cases“

2006 University of Milan – Speaker at the annual symposium for dentist and orthodontists: “The importance of manual therapies in patients with malocclusion”, 20th of October

2004 Bethanien Hospital, Hamburg – Speaker at the symposium on Geriatrics “Introduction to Osteopathy in the geriatric field”, 4 of September

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