Koppitz Andrea, Dr. rer. medic., Palliative Care Specialist, RN

Full Professor UAS Zurich
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+41 26 429 60 44

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  • Chronic Care with focus on Palliative Care, Dementia Care, and Digital Health Care for an ageing society in Long-Term Care

Clinical Activities:

  • Chronic Care: Diabetes Care and Wound Care including Self-Management support
    • primary care “am Lindspitz”, Winterthur
  • Family Care: APN «long-term care», including Advanced Care Planning and support in symptom management
    • Nursing Home «Sattelbogen», Bischofszell, Canton of Thurgau
    • Nurse license: ZSR-number: P331831
  • Medical Care: Nursing Home visits delegated by a GP
    • Nursing Home “Rosental”, Winterthur


  • Self-Management support of people with chronic diseases


  • Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS): Sub-Commission Dementia
  • Swiss National Dementia Strategy delegated by SAMS - «Recommendations of good care for people with dementia in long-term institutions»


  • Swiss Alzheimer Association
  • Swiss Nursing Association
  • Swiss Association for Nursing Science
  • European Academy of Nursing Science
  • German Pain Association

Champs de compétences / Forschungsschwerpunkte / Fields of expertise

Chronic Care with focus on:

  • Diabetes Care and Digital Health
  • Palliative Care
  • Dementia Care

for an ageing society in Long-Term Care.

Koppitz, A. (principal investigator) Burden of disease of people with dementia in nursing homes measured by IPOS-Dem: a stepped-wedge cluster randomized controlled trial. Financed by Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences, Julia Bangerter-Rhyner Foundation; Registration number PC 20/17. Project

Koppitz, A. (Projektpartnerin), Keller-Senn, A.: Digital Companion. Färber, A. Principal Investigator (ZHAW Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften, ZHAW School of Management and Law) und Schwabe, G., Projektpartner (Zurich University, Department of Informatics). Projekt durch Innosuisse finanziert. Projekt