The applied research and development (aR&D) strives to produce implementable solutions that are meaningful to our field partners, educators and students and help them acquire the needed insight to aim for excellence in quality of care.

Our field of action is focused on proximity research. We therefore work in close relationship with policy makers, stakeholders, professional associations, health providers, educators, and patients to document and consolidate sound strategies for addressing health challenges across disciplines.

Our research units focus on three topics:

  • Ageing
  • Mobility and musculoskeletal care
  • Complex nursing interventions


The recent activities of our research units are summarized in the following document: Biennial Report 2016-2017.

Our activities are also periodically gathered and published in our Research Journal:

Journal de la recherche | Forschungsjournal N°4 - 01.10.2018 (.pdf)
Journal de la recherche | Forschungsjournal N°3 - 01.03.2018 (.pdf)
Journal de la recherche | Forschungsjournal N°2 - 01-08.2017 (.pdf)
Journal de la recherche | Forschungsjournal N°1 - 04-12.2016 (.pdf)


In charge of research

Alexander Bischoff
PhD, Doyen recherche et développement / Dekan für Forschung und Entwicklung
+41 26 429 60 99


In charge of the research units

Sandrine Pihet
Research unit in ageing (URV)
PhD, Professeure HES
+41 26 429 60 52

Paul Vaucher
Research unit in Mobility & musculoskeletal care (URM)
PhD, Professeur HES
+41 26 429 60 41

Petra Schäfer-Keller
Research unit in complex nursing interventions (URIC)
PhD, Dozentin FH
+41 26 429 60 37


Projects administration

François Mooser
Adjoint scientifique HES
+ 41 26 429 60 83 



Martine Verdon
+41 26 429 60 42