Health professions

A structural and cyclical crisis

From the 1950s onwards, new disciplines emerged in the field of nursing, not only on a technical level, but also on a human and social level. Thus, certain practices evolved towards health promotion, prevention, community action and public policy development. However, it must be recognised that the current shortage of health care personnel - particularly nurses - is both global and long term. It is in this context that a major research project has been launched in partnership with the Canton of Fribourg (DSAS) and the Haute Ecole de Santé Fribourg. Its aim is to determine at the local (cantonal) level the measures that would make it possible to promote the retention of people working in the nursing and/or ASSC (Assistant in Care and Community Health) professions. The results will be published in 2023.


The projects are presented according to the language of the study.



The role of osteopathy in the Swiss primary health care system: a practice review

The aim of this study is to describe osteopathic activity, scope of practice and their patients’ profile to understand their role within the Swiss health system. This study will provide information and data to describe the profession, to help formulate teaching goals, plan ongoing training, identify research priorities, and provide data for stakeholder negotiation.

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Stressors, overall health and workplace wellbeing of Swiss nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic and potential health protective factors: A longitudinal mixed-method study

This partnership with the Institut et Haute École de Santé La Source, in Lausanne seeks to identify protective factors among Swiss nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic. The longitudinal, mixed-methods approach focuses on potential stressors as well as overall health and wellbeing

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How important is my profession in my life?

Pilot study on the importance of their profession to newly graduated nurses and students of nursing at the beginning of their bachelor studies

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