Health at work

A holistic approach

Occupational health is based on an interdisciplinary approach involving employees, employers and health personnel.  It aims to create a supportive workplace and to develop tools that can maintain, improve and promote the physical and mental well-being of people at work. By combining ergonomic, psychosocial, environmental and organisational aspects, the whole person is considered.

Through the results of applied research, it is possible to prevent occupational diseases and to foster an institutional culture of occupational health and safety.


The projects are presented according to the language of the study.



Stressors, overall health and workplace wellbeing of Swiss nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic and potential health protective factors: A longitudinal mixed-method study

This partnership with the Institut et Haute École de Santé La Source, in Lausanne seeks to identify protective factors among Swiss nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic. The longitudinal, mixed-methods approach focuses on potential stressors as well as overall health and wellbeing

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Un projet de développement de la filière Ostéopathie

Développement d’une couverture de siège équipée de capteurs pour évaluer les contraintes mécaniques appliquées aux agents de police par les équipements portés lors de la conduite.

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How important is my profession in my life?

Pilot study on the importance of their profession to newly graduated nurses and students of nursing at the beginning of their bachelor studies

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